We at Estidamah company manufacture and implement the engineering designs that cover all manufacturing stages either at stages of searching or reviewing or simulation or improvement through:

  1. Adopting ideas and evaluating them based on members past experiences and the adequate planning of how to implement them.
  2. setting up designs to meet the challenges of the solar race by focusing on improving the performance of the car and reducing its energy consumption by complying with international solar racing regulations, searching for available methods of manufacturing and assembly and doing design tests through computer- simulation under different environmental conditions.
  3. Implementation of the designs in a private workshop of the team work to manufacture car pieces as well as providing new members with training on technical manufacturing skills.
  4. Identification of the most powerful designs by choosing the most powerful performance of the solar car and the extent of its energy consumption.


Estidamah  provides its consulting services in:

  1. Work by using modern methodologies.
  2. Providing inter-agency consultation.
  3. providing strong and sustained support.
  4. Providing technical assessment.
  5. Providing innovative engineering solutions that improve sustainability and increasing ideas and productivity.


What makes our company a distinguished one is providing a fertile environment for the implementation of attractive projects that aim to promote a culture of renewable energy and sustainability, for this reason we provide various training programs that contribute acquiring competency and excellence by providing:

  1. Specialist workshops.
  2. Special programs for employing the trainee.
  3. Summer training programs.
  4. Training programs at your own position.
  5. Skill enhancement programs.
  6. Programs that provide human technical capital.