Executive board Message

Dear colleagues and customers..

Thank you so much for your interest with your partner "Estidamah" company, and it is an honor to be the Executive Board of a leading company with an open and innovative ideology thanks to a team work with a long and efficient experiences in its line of work which is well aware of its goal and works to promote its common ambitions and overcoming all difficulties and obstacles to provide the best services and excellent products over many years of experience on both cognitive and practical levels. Istedamah company is considered as the leading one in innovative prototype field and manufacturing as it turned and translated people's idea into operational reality with an unparalleled professionalism and creativity and working to find all innovative solutions that are beyond our customers' expectation. Our team work and their huge efforts is our secret of success, and in turn we are working to improve the performance of our employees through the best international adopted means and methods. Plus we always achieve our goals by keeping up with the most recent developments in our field worldwide as well as selecting our employees with great attention and providing them with needed trainings to insure having a more distinct production.  We have agreed to be kept aware of the needs of the market and the satisfaction of our customers and this is the most ideal and perfect way of our success and excellence as, we have the pleasure of being the key part of 2030 vision for Saudi Arabia, as Istedamah company is fully consistent with the goals of this vision So it uses all its material and human resources to achieve its ambitions which are to make our country be the leading one in the world in our field. At Estidamah we are seeking to create a friendly and comfortable environment in Saudi Arabia and improving the sustainability of the environment and the economy through our expertise in using and manufacturing technology, as it turns a lot of ideas into products by using the latest technologies. Our innovative solutions will surprise our customers when they see their ambitious ideas have turned into innovative products on the ground. At Estidamah we feel our responsibility towards the Saudi society which is an honor that we are part of, so we are keen to participate in many service areas for the benefit of our community. We have a lot in Estidamah, and we are honored to keep you informed of our services and products closely, when you see us on the ground, you will discover more innovative and brilliant solutions for your ideas.

The Executive Board