About estidamah

About Us

We are a Saudi engineering team that differs in our specialties but share one thing which is our mission which is promoting the culture of creativity, research and manufacturing in our society. We do our best in "Istedamah" to achieve this goal in conformity with the vision of the Kingdom of 2030. "Istedamah" is an innovation center that allows all competencies to express, evaluate and test their ideas, as we in "Istedamah" promoting the culture of renewable energy by implementing innovative applications. Our goal is to speed the development of innovative ideas up to become a products that contribute to the technology-based economy in Saudi Arabia.  And our approach is focused on:

  • Providing interdisciplinary solutions of high-readiness technologies to close technical gaps.
  • Shorten the innovative product development cycle.
  • Providing a complete package of basic model to design a product solution for manufacturing products.
  • Protection of intellectual property through the application of patents and trade secrets.
  • Providing various technical and practical capacities to our team in parallel with a group of installation and compilation that are well equipped.
  • Providing necessary tools to achieve the goals.

At Estedamah we are looking for distinct projects that we ensure through achieving a high rate of success and their ability to support technology.